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Brief review

Running a church is like running any other business. There are people to track, things to consider, and plenty of numbers to crunch. SmartRoster aims to make this process a lot easier. Only, this program falls short where the interface is concerned. SmartRoster’s interface is, perhaps, too complex. Cluttered, confusing, and not necessarily helpful, many will have a hard time understanding how SmartRoster works.


SmartRoster needs a newly designed interface. Even though some help wizards can be utilized, theses wizards do not, reportedly, worth with all Windows operating systems (Vista, in particularly, seems to be troublesome). Navigating the messy interface is also a challenge. Most users will quickly become frustrated with this program, which is why the free trial offer is a good idea.

Main Function

While the premise behind SmartRoster is a good one, the fact remains that this program is too hard to use. Add to the difficult interface that fact that users will have to manually plug in a ton of different numbers and other details, and you have a program that sounds better than it actually is.

Extra Features

There are some extra features included in this program. However, getting to those features and actually understanding how they work is a major challenge. Because of this fact, the additional features that SmartRoster includes can’t be reviewed.


I highly recommend that anyone considering this program take advantage of the free 45-day trial offer. After using the program for more than one month, you may decide that the $99 price tag is far too high.

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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